This blog explores the evolving market of the cloud, grounded in my experiences of building the OpenShift Platform as a Service entirely in the public cloud.

About Me

At the end of the day, I’m more engineer than blogger, but I’ll do my best here.  Educated in Computer Engineering, I’ve had the opportunity to spend time in a wide range of professional roles.  I’ve spent many hours in front of a soldering gun under a microscope, making custom modifications to circuit boards.  I’ve spent enough time with VHDL and doing processor design to appreciate how ridiculously complicated that work is.  At one point I was a road warrior, doing the cross country commute every week in consulting, and working with clients ranging from professional wresting organizations to aircraft manufacturers.  I also worked for several years in product engineering, heads-down coding in a variety of languages.  I also got to spent several years in IT, establishing my appreciation of pager-duty.  You’ll never really understand operations until you’ve woken up 3 times a night, every day for a week, putting out a different fire each time.  It will change your view of what good development is…  These days however, have been the most yet for me.  I now get to spend each and every day in the cloud.  Well, cloud development that is.  I work on Red Hat’s OpenShift Platform as a Service offering trying to find better ways to allow developers to utilize public cloud offerings more effectively.  That means getting to tinker with SELinux, develop in Ruby and getting to mess with every cool language, framework and cloud provider out there which suits me perfectly.


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